Builder Exhaust Pipe Kit

Builder Exhaust Pipe Kit

WHAT’S HERE: Our Builder Exhaust Kit is exactly what its name implies: a selection of pre-fabbed tubing, header flanges and exhaust tips that puts the art of custom exhaust building in the hands of backyard fabricators. Each Builder Exhaust Kit includes the following:

-- Four 16-inch-long (350mm) straight sections

-- Two 3.5-inch radius (90mm) U-bends with straights

-- Two 5-inch radius 134mm) U-bends with straights

-- Two Evolution flanges

-- Two Shovelhead flanges

-- Two Ironhead flanges

-- Two Panhead flanges

-- Two STD flanges

-- Two fishtail tips

-- Exhaust pipe measure 1.75"

-- 16 gauge raw steel

SURFACE FINISH: All raw tube sections are pre-polished to make chroming after joint finishing easier.

Builder Exhaust Pipe Kit
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